The P.R. Firm that brings you Positive Results!

LKPR is an integrated communications agency that gets your brands and products into the conversation of your consumer tribe where ever they go for information:  national talk shows, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Google Search, your website and whatever comes next.

We are the Personally Reliable marketing arm that delivers:

  • Progressive Relationships with media outlets to tell your story.

  • Product Rejuvenation building your brand.
  • Persuasive Reach getting results to impact your sales and profitability.

Because P.R. today goes beyond Public Relations at LKPR.

“The all in one marketing arm of our company!  Public Relations was a completely new world for us and Linda demystified it so that I could be comfortable speaking with the press and building national brand awareness of 50 Strong from nothing.  Now they run PR, social and performance media and a fair amount of graphic design.  I never worry about our marketing efforts and could not have gotten where we are without LKPR”.

Ashley Thompson, CEO 50 Strong

“LKPR has stretched our small marketing budget for maximum exposure, beyond our wildest expectations. They have placed our products literally EVERYWHERE – national and regional TV, national magazines, and top newspapers and websites! Linda and her team are always available and proactive. I don’t ever have to tell them what to do next – they tell me! This way I can just focus on other parts of the business. What a relief to have LKPR running our marketing and PR.”

Miriam Kim, Co-Founder & COO Perfect Company

“Few other public relations firms are as agile as LKPR. Our conference and events company is a constantly evolving business. We’re always adding more target audiences and product categories.   Linda and her team not only keep up but will literally do anything to help us succeed. She’ll even serve as my stylist before a big media tour. Once it even involved bra shopping trip together.

LKPR’s attention to detail and ability to plan ahead separates them from the others.  We’re not a big firm, nor are they, but together we make a huge impact on the market demonstrating consistent year over year growth.”

Robin Raskin, Founder & CEO Living in Digital Times

The LKPR team is first-class and an absolute pleasure to work with–I like their style! They are go-getters, natural ambassadors for their clients and brands, and their energy is contagious. I’ve seen LKPR’s detailed work first-hand on the Steve Harvey talk show–product placement and demonstrations on a talk show are not easy–and have even become an ambassador for their client’s Perfect Bake product as a result of their hard work and enthusiasm. With LKPR, I am always prepared for every media opportunity.

Rushion McDonald, Executive Producer Steve Harvey Talk Show

“It is rare to find a partner company that cares as deeply about your success as you do.  LKPR is that company.  That starts with the incredible ethic and dedication of its founder, and permeates the organization.  Unlike other service companies, it isn’t about tracking hours or doing just enough to have a happy client.  At LKPR they leave it all on the field and do whatever it takes to surpass your expectations and get you results that truly move the needle for your business.  I’ve worked with Linda for more than a decade and LKPR is the go-to marketing partner for every business in which I get involved…and for 10 years, Linda has delivered every time.”

Eric Levin, CEO M5 Consulting